Our Services - JM Fieldwork - Geotechnical Drilling in Melbourne
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Our Services

Our detailed knowledge of Melbourne and its surrounding geology, use of digital geology maps and our extensive soil instability data base allow us to bring you the most accurate results. We promise fast turnaround for individual block testing and we are also able to provide a variety of other geotechnical services.

Below is a complete list of our services.


• Landcruiser mounted drill rig capable of shallow to medium depth drilling

• Basement drilling investigations

• SPT drilling using DT1200 rig

• Footing probes

• D.C.P. tests

• Undisturbed tube sampling

• Ground Penetrating Radar





• Detailed knowledge of Melbourne and surrounds geology

• Digital geology maps

• Working with leading geologist and geotechnical engineers in the residential industry



• Combined with USL GROUP we have an extensive data base of test results throughout Melbourne and surrounds. This is done from a modified core shrinkage test which we believe to be the most accurate test available for ground reactivity.

•  Soil reactivity results can be provided instantly from our data base, or we can give fast turnaround for individual block testing. This data base is commercially available to third parties on request.